Snack Bar


FROSTBITE                             ADULT/YOUTH
(Saturday, February 4th)                                                (Saturday/Sunday, March 4&5)

SETUP AND WORK                                               SETUP AND WORK
HENSHAW FAMILY                                              C.BRUYETTE FAMILY (SAT.)
DEGRAFF FAMILY                                                ROCHELEAU FAMILY (SAT.)
                                                                                  STEVENS FAMILY(SUN.)
                                                                                  YOUNG FAMILY (SUN.)

TEAR DOWN                                               TEAR DOWN                   
ALDEN FAMILY                                                   D.BRUYETTE FAMILY                     
HOWARD FAMILY                                               PIGEON FAMILY

SPRING FEVER                       ODDY 450
(Saturday, March 25th)                                                   (Saturday, April 15th)

SETUP AND WORK                                     SETUP AND WORK
HAAG FAMILY                                                      KELLEHER FAMILY
MEIGS FAMILY                                                     HAMBLETT FAMILY

TEAR DOWN                                               TEAR DOWN                                             
OLIVER FAMILY                                                   LUTZ FAMILY
MITAL-SKIFF FAMILY                                         LIEBRECHT/BURKE FAMILY

*Reminder:  It is the Family's responsibility to find a replacement



  • Setup tables
  • Turn on hotdog machine and add 1 gallon of water
  • Set prices for items on dry erase board
  • Crock pots and coffee area will need to be plugged in and set up
  • Remind people dropping food off they will need to pick up dishes at the end of each day
  • Make sure snack bar has coverage for full tournament, the responsibility for coverage is with the families who signed up (keeping in mind we do have some 2 day tournaments)
  • Drinks will need to be put on ice
  • Popcorn will need to be made and bagged
  • Becky or Amber will put the money in the register and take care of money at the end of each day of tournament


  • Clean tables and bring back up stairs
  • Throw all food left behind away
  • Clean hot dog machine and bring back upstairs
  • Clean popcorn machine
  • Vacuum popcorn area
  • All items from snack bar need to be brought back upstairs and put away neatly, we have plastic bins with covers, make sure covers are on all containers

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